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Education Accountabilty Framework

One of Brooks Logic niches in the information technology world is designing custom software solutions in the education arena. Having built software for kindergarten through the 12th grade as well as for universities, we offer our clients our unique expertise that comes from building enterprise level applications specifically for educational institutions. We are able to leverage techniques and experiences learned from our years in the educational world to give your organization not only a solution to your needs today but a solution will grow with your organization as changes and new needs are discovered in the future.

Student Accountability Framework
America's educational system is comprised of its schools, faculty, staff, and most importantly its students. An information system that is able to organize all of these entities in a useful and intuitive way is essential. Brooks Logic has delivered high-quality systems that fill this essential need. With a superior student information system in place it allows the teachers to teach, staff to facilitate, and the students to learn.

Grant Management
The success of any grant is measured on how well the grant money is spent. The management of the grant fund is crucial to ensure monies are fully utilized and appropriately allocated. The grant management tools developed by Brooks Logic helps manage the complex workflows and document handling needs central to the grants management process: application, peer review, award and grantee tracking.

Compliance Reporting
Brooks Logic has developed a number of tools that allow organizations to monitor the outcomes of key processes. With our software in place, organization can quickly detect and respond to problem areas as well as fill any reporting requirements from the state and federal government. Accountability metrics In order to truly understand something, you need to be able to measure it. Brooks Logic has developed tools that allow organizations to quantify and qualify the effectiveness of their procedures, programs, and , initiatives. With this informed understanding, proper adjustments can be made to extended on successes and correct problems.

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