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8109 River Gate Lane
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Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: (301) 358-2600
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Products Overview

Founded in 1996, Brooks Logic, LLC. specializes in providing high-quality information technology, professional engineering and business solutions services. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have developed solutions for a wide variety of clients, including: local and federal government agencies, small businesses, large publicly held corporations, schools and not-for-profit organizations. If you are looking for staffing support, intranet or web development, network support, IT facilities services, office automation, systems integration, custom software, a database application, or environmental software, look no further. Brooks Logic has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the information technology solution you need. The paragraphs below summarize some of the key components of our information technology services.

Program Management Office

This is a cross-platform (run on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix) project management and collaboration system that empowers your project teams regardless of location. Project Enterprise enhances the productivity and effectiveness of your most valuable asset - your people. Project Enterprise is invaluable for teams separated by distance, work cultures, or administrative structures. Each project team member can access, update, and use critical information quickly and easily. Improve team communication and facilitate management's decision-making capabilities to increase revenue and reduce costs - and get returns on your investment in no time. More Information ...

Education Accountabilty Framework

One of Brooks Logic niches in the information technology world is designing custom software solutions in the education arena. Having built software for kindergarten through the 12th grade as well as for universities, we offer our clients our unique expertise that comes from building enterprise level applications specifically for educational institutions. We are able to leverage techniques and experiences learned from our years in the educational world to give your organization not only a solution to your needs today but a solution will grow with your organization as changes and new needs are discovered in the future. More Information ...