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Office Automation

Brooks Logic can help you identify those aspects of your business that can most effectively benefit from automation to increase productivity and save time and money. Office automation services include installing groupware and productivity software, training your staff in existing software, integrating existing systems, and rewriting or upgrading custom software.

Selecting, installing and integrating software
The best-known, most widely utilized software is designed to satisfy general office uses: word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software. This software is only a fraction of what is available today. Brooks Logic can evaluate and recommend software to automate more of your business operations. Our client installation list includes:

  • Document Management
  • Multi-user Schedulers
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • Graphics Packages, Desktop Publishers, etc.

Once software is selected, Brooks Logic will install it and integrate it into your existing systems. We also provide training to get users up to speed and productive as quickly as possible.

Upgrading software

After an off-the-shelf or custom system has been in the field for a while, user needs change or additional uses for the system are seen. Brooks Logic's staff is experienced at upgrading and extending the usefulness of both off-the-shelf and custom systems. At times, all that is needed is a new report from a database or a newer version of the software that has the needed feature.

We invite you to contact Stephanie Miller by e-mail, or by phone at 301-960-4776 for more information on how Brooks Logic's Information Technology professionals can assist your business or organization. Whatever the technology project, Brooks Logic is ready to help.