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Web Design/Development

With a focus on usability and user satisfaction, Brooks Logic will design a web site or web-enabled application that will meet your strategic business objectives. Our experience includes development of corporate web sites, database front ends, and on-line document repositories. We offer a full range of web services, including graphics, design, back-end programming, HTML coding and web administration.
Brooks Logic professionals are experienced with many of the standard technologies for web development, including:

  • JavaScript such as the pop-up windows displayed in the map of Brooks Logic office locations
  • ActiveX
  • Java
  • CGIs, like the Brooks Logic job-search page
  • Active Server Pages
  • Web sites

Building a web site involves more than simply converting a few word processor documents to HTML and connecting to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Development for the web, intranets and the Internet is a truly multi-disciplinary task. Depending on the purpose and depth of the development, Brooks Logic can offer a team of

  • Graphic designers,
  • Database designers,
  • Network administrators,
  • Marketing professionals,
  • Software engineers, and
  • Technical writers.

Most importantly, any development project should involve the people being represented by the site and representatives of the target audience for the site.

Web site design involves four main steps:

  1. Determine the purpose of the site, e.g., marketing, e-business, or data front end.
  2. Determine the organization of the site; content drives the organization.
  3. Design the site, including navigation, graphics, look and feel.
  4. Implement (code) the site, with emphasis on accessibility.

As in all software development, preparation and design are the most important aspects and involve the customer to the maximum extent possible. Brooks Logic often works in an iterative development cycle: implementing, testing and refining.

Web-Enabled Applications
Web-enabling applications, that is, putting applications out on the web, provides a number of advantages:

  • Platform-independence: applications can run on different types and versions of operating systems,
  • Access to data in your network from anywhere, and
  • User interface standards: most users are already comfortable with using web pages.
  • Our programmers have successfully converted applications, particularly databases, to web front ends.

We invite you to contact Stephanie Miller by e-mail, or by phone at 301-960-4776 for more information on how Brooks Logic's Information Technology professionals can assist your business or organization. Whatever the technology project, Brooks Logic is ready to help.