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Staffing Support

Brooks Logic's network professionals focus on building the network infrastructures and business systems you need to run your organization effectively and efficiently. They are ready to design, install, upgrade, and administer your computer network and implement the business applications that will run on it. They have experience with all sizes and types of networks and projects:

  • Small Local-Area Networks (LANs)
  • Large Multi-Location Wide-Area Networks (WANs),
  • Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs),
  • Custom Application to meet your specific requirements, and
  • Corporate email, web servers, database servers, internet access, performance monitoring, and network security.

The list goes on and on. Our network architects and systems engineers have experience designing, installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting homogeneous and heterogeneous networks utilizing all of the common network operating systems, including Windows 2000/NT/9X, Novell NetWare, Unix, Linux, Solaris, and Citrix. Whether you are looking for a technology partner to design your network infrastructure from the ground up, provide system installation and configuration services, perform a technology assessment, take care of day-to-day administration and maintenance, develop a strategic plan, write a disaster recovery plan, manage your licenses or network resources or simply troubleshoot a problem, Brooks Logic's staff can help you. We offer several flexible support options, including full- or part-time assistance, incident or project support, service/maintenance agreements, and staffing support. From initial design through acceptance testing and customer sign-off, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through-out the process of developing your solution.

Network Design

With an eye to the future, Brooks Logic designs network infrastructures that will meet your needs both today and tomorrow. When architecting a network and specifying equipment, our personnel consider such items as the following:

  • workstation configuration: storage, memory, processor speed, applications, special hardware,
  • server functions and how they affect capacity, such as: will it host email, database, web server, portal, intranet/extranet, e-commerce, or other server-based applications? Will the system connect to the internet now or in the future? Will the network be stand-alone or connect to an already existing LAN or WAN?
  • security, from both internal and external threats,
  • disaster recovery,
  • network traffic,
  • business goals and priorities,
  • network and electrical wiring needs,
  • surge suppression and power backup requirements,
  • operability, maintainability, and reliability.

Let Brooks Logic take the guess work out of your buying decisions. We are familiar with products from many vendors and can decipher the real product specifications from the marketing hype. We know how to apply them to your near- and long-term business needs. Don't be disappointed with the results of your technology investment by buying the wrong solution.

Systems installation and configuration

Once the network design and development plan are complete, our network engineers will procure the necessary components and begin network/systems installation and configuration. During this phase, our engineers will perform the tasks that were identified in the development plan/statement of work, such as:

  • provide network and electrical wiring;
  • procure and install un-interruptible power and electrical surge suppression systems;
  • install routers, switches and hubs;
  • establish network security by installing and configuring a firewall;
  • install server hardware;
  • configure servers for file sharing, e-mail, and database access;
  • configure back-up procedures, logging, and performance monitoring,
  • connect your network to the internet;
  • install and configure new workstations;
  • upgrade existing workstations;
  • configure remote access/VPNs; and
  • test system performance.

The completion of systems installation and configuration activity is demonstrated by successful accomplishment of system performance tests and is concluded by customer sign-off.

Administration and maintenance

Once your network is up and running, Brooks Logic doesn't just walk away. We want to ensure that your network continues to meet or exceed your expectations. To see that it does, we offer a variety of administration services that cover the full spectrum of maintaining, trouble-shooting, upgrading and expanding your network. We will support all of the day-to-day tasks of system/network operation and administration, including:

  • Setting Up Accounts
  • File Backup and Restoration
  • Installing Operating System Patches, Updates and Service Packs
  • Equipment Maintenance/Upgrades
  • Installing Application Software, Patches, and Upgrades
  • Tuning System and Network Performance
  • Troubleshooting Network, Server and Workstation problems
  • Security Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Shutdown and Startup
  • Setting and Enforcing Policies
  • Help Desk.

By allowing our knowledgeable and experienced personnel to keep your computer systems working at their best, you and your staff will have more time to devote to your core business. See also IT Facilities Services for additional information.

Support options

For customers interested in utilizing our network design, system installation and configuration, and/or administration and maintenance services, Brooks Logic offers several flexible support options:

Full-Time or part-time, regularly scheduled, monthly pay-as-you-go support;
As-needed, Per-Incident, Time and Materials Support\
Regularly scheduled maintenance through a service contract.
Each of these options has its own specific benefits. Which is right for you depends on a number of factors, including: the size of your network, the complexity of and the relationships between the applications utilized, the technical know-how of your users, and the cost of any resulting down-time.

We invite you to contact Edward Ramsay, by phone at 301-960-4776 or email Stephanie Miller for more information on how Brooks Logic's Information Technology professionals can assist your business or organization. Whatever the technology project, Brooks Logic is ready to help.